The Columbarium was designed to provide a serene, lasting, and spiritual place of remembrance and is in keeping with early Christian tradition. Initially, the faithful were buried within he church itself. When space was no longer available, the church yard cemetery was developed. Only in recent times have burial grounds been far removed from the community center of life and prayer. Today, consideration of the spiritual and practical aspects of cremation and inurnment have led many churches to establish columbariums. At Westminster Abbey, for example, cremation has been preferred to the burial since the turn of the 19th Century. 

Our Columbarium is located in the Lady Chapel, on the east wall under beautiful stained glass windows. There are 105 niches with the option of either single or double (companion) occupancy. The niches are reserved for members, former members, and the clergy of St. Paul's Church and their immediate families. The fee for each niche is $2,000, which includes perpetual maintenance. the fee may be paid in one lump sum or over a one-year period by making a $200 deposit and 12 monthly payments of $150. Companion urns are available for just $50. 

If you are interested in reserving a niche in the Columbarium, please contact the church office: 909.622.2015,