Laundry Love Ministry - August 27th @ 5pm!

St. Paul's is part of the ministry team alongside St. Ambrose, St. John's La Verne, and St. Mark's in Upland that is participating in Laundry Love Pomona (LLP). 

People from each of our parishes will join together as a team once a month at a laundromat to be a loving presence and help those who are poor or homeless to do their laundry.  All that we do is hand them quarters for the machines and/or laundry soap and dryer softening sheets. 

One of the parishes takes turns with helping to fund the monthly ministry and one of the parishes provides food for guests and volunteers.  It's a great evening which everyone can be part of, even children.  


Laundry Love will be happening this Wednesday, August 27th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. We will meet at 5:00pm to do some "on-the-job" training and the first load goes in at 6:00pm. 

St. John's in La Verne is hosting the event and we need 10-12 volunteers to help with greeting people & registration, putting quarters in machines, putting soap and dryer sheets in, and most importantly, spending time with one another as a community bound by love.

Sign up to help this week using the form below: 

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This Weekend at St. Paul's

This Weekend at St. Paul's

The time changes this coming Saturday night, so don't forget to set your clocks AHEAD one hour before you go to bed.  (Spring Forward/Fall Back).

We observe the First Sunday of Lent this Sunday.  The church is set in Lenten mode, to appear more barren and desert-like.  All sacred images are covered, altars are arrayed in burlap and purple, the Liturgy and Music is more reflective.  There are no bells rung and no alleluias sung during Lent and no piano voluntary or postlude.  We depart each service quietly and proceed to coffee hour.  Also no flowers in the church.  In place of bells, we clap two pieces of wood together to remind us of the wood of the cross.  

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