Slowing Down for Summer

A Note from Fr. Mark: 


Dear Parish Family and Ministry Leaders,

In most Episcopal Churches (except ours) we traditionally “slow down” for the summer months and spend time in contemplation and prayer as we discern God’s will for our Fall Season Ministry plans and also begin thinking about the coming year for our particular ministry group.  This is called the Summer Sabbath.

Therefore, we will suspend our ministries for the months of July, August, and early September:
        The Daughters of the King will not meet this Sunday, and their next meeting will be on the first Sunday of October.  Any presentations prepared for this Sunday can be postponed until your October meeting.
        The Society of Mary will not meet the 2nd Sunday of July and will not meet again until the 2nd Sunday in October.  Also, any preparations for a class or presentation will be postponed until the October meeting.
        Those who participate in Laundry Love are encouraged to take a break from now until the Laundry Love scheduled in September.  There are plenty of volunteers from the other parishes.  If you have signed up for July, you may want to consider waiting until the September date. Because this is an outside ministry, it is certainly up to you as to whether you want to participate each month of the Summer.  You may want to take the time to pray for and recommit in the Fall to Laundry Love.
        I am currently negotiating for Seeds of Hope to be taken over by an outside group.
        Liturgical Ministries will continue each week, but you may, as groups or individuals, consider cutting back on the workload and prepare for our Homecoming Sunday on September 18th.  This would include Altar Guild, Acolytes, Musicians.
        The Vestry will not meet in August.
        The ministries that will not be suspended will be the SOM supplies collections for our pet brothers and sisters, and the supply table and purchases to help St. Paul’s allay expenses.
        Coffee hour sign-ups and commitments should continue as usual.
        Tuesday noon Eucharist will continue.
        The SOM Sunday Rosary will continue.
If there is any urgent business that needs to be conducted in a particular ministry, you can do that by way of phone or email.

We have a very big Summer project that everyone can be involved and that is the cleaning out of many of St. Paul’s storage areas of things that can be sold at our August rummage sale.  Whatever time you would have used to meet, you can apply to helping with this.

This is my directive as Rector and is non-negotiable.  Have some good sabbath time!

Thank you, and may you know God’s abundant blessings,