This Weekend @ St. Paul's (3.28 - 3.29)

This weekend is an important time at St. Paul's as we prepare for Holy Week.  Sunday is Palm Sunday and we are blessed to have The Rev. Nat Katz, whom many of you know, as our Presider and Preacher at the 10 a.m. Service.

Please consider this email as an individual invite to YOU from ME to come and learn about the most important thing we do here, which is our worship. 

I invite you to come to the altar party and altar guild training on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 noonYou may find it difficult to come to events or to offer your services to the church during the week, but you are here on Sunday and can offer your time then.  Whether you know it or not, you are a minister (or servant) of the church and can provide important service to God, to your fellow parishioners, to me.  

First, I want you to consider being a member of the Sunday Altar Party.  I will train you, with the help of others who are experienced, to serve Sunday Mass as an acolyte, or a reader, an usher, or an incense bearer, or a cross bearer.  If we train you and enough other people, then we can form a rotation list so that you can be of service once a month.  And you get some nice robes to wear, of all sizes, which we have a closet full of for you to choose from.  

Second, I want you to consider being a member of the Sunday Altar Guild.  There are a lot of tasks that are "behind the scenes" work that involve setting up and preparing for each Sunday service such as getting the bread, wine, chalices, plates, etc. ready, filling the oil candles, making sure the vestments for the priest and deacon are laid out, cleaning up after the Mass, etc.  If we train you and enough other people for this ministry, then we can form a rotation list so that you would only be needed once a month.

Third, you can be in both the Altar Party and the Altar Guild.  

Fourth, we train you and mentor you for as long as you need and you will be scheduled with other members of the team who are more experienced.  

Fifth, you will receive blessings and graces beyond compare, and besides, it's a lot of fun!  

So, see you Saturday!  And thanks, in advance, for your service.

Fr. Mark Hallahan, Rector
909.784.8150 cell