Rector's Jury Duty

Dear Parish Family,

I was chosen today to serve on a jury for a civil case in Los Angeles Superior Court.  The judge hopes that the case will be resolved within 7 working days, which means that I will be on jury duty the remainder of this week and probably all of next week.  Therefore I will not be able to be in the office this week and next week except on Sundays and Wednesday evenings.  Sorry about that!  If you need me for anything, please call my cell phone voice mail, 909.784.8150 and I will do my best to call you back during breaks or early evenings. 

I'll see you all Sunday for the annual meeting (Mass at 11, meeting and potluck at 12).  If you haven't signed up for the potluck and want to know what we need more of, call Dorothy at the office and she can look at the sign-up list in the church.  Otherwise, just bring what you would like.