New discussion group at St. Paul's starting Nov. 3rd

St. Paul's is excited to offer a new book discussion group! Each Monday at 7pm starting Nov. 3rd, we will read a portion of a selected book and have an open and informal conversation about it together. We encourage all questions and opinions - there are no right or wrong answers. Given the theological depth of the texts, the discussion will inevitably be lively and thought-provoking.

The class is open to anyone - no background of theological texts needed. There is no cost other than the cost of the book, and extra copies are available if that is a barrier.

We will kick off the class with "For the Life of the World" by Alexander Schmemann. In this book, Schmemann challenges the notion of the holy vs the profane, the secular vs. the non-secular, and suggests a worldview that is rooted in the sacraments.  He understands the world as an unbroken experience of "church," in which all moments of life exist as sacrament. 

A free, online copy of the book can be found here >
Used copies of the book can be ordered on Amazon here >

For more information, please contact our discussion facilitators:
Anil Shah - 909.226.2017
Brad Jennings - 909.329.9420