Everything that we do is a part of our spiritual formation. We want to be formed into the likeness of Christ and into a community of persons who welcome, worship, heal, and serve together as Jesus taught his disciples to do. Classes for adults are extensive and cover a broad array of topics and purposes, from being very new as a Christian, all the way to exploring deep historical and theological questions.


Each year, in the late winter/early spring leading up to Easter, we offer the Catechumenate. This program is offered to those who are preparing for Holy Baptism, for Confirmation, or for formal Reception into the Episcopal Church. These rites take place at the Great Vigil of Easter, which is the ancient Christian service that takes place during the night before Easter Sunday when one of our bishops administers the Sacraments. The Catechumenate includes evocative videos, small group discussion, and personal conversations with the clergy as the participants prepare to solemnly receive these Sacraments and to assume full membership in our community.


Our community meets regularly during the year in small groups called House Gatherings. Each gathering has a different theme or focus based on the Christian life. Bible study, Christian meditation, spiritual disciplines, liturgical seasons, stewardship, are but some of the topics the groups address in a prayerful but celebratory setting around a meal in someone’s home.


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